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Over 30 years of experience developing better performing car wash equipment technology has gone into the Water Wizard touchfree automatic. The unit is a dependable and easy to maintain unit with built in features that save on operating costs. It's cleaning features include an independent presoak system, onboard rocker panel blasters and oscillating high pressure nozzles. Customers are sure to be impressed with the speed and cleaning power of the Water Wizard.

Onboard rocker panels blasters blast clean the wheels, tires and lower part of the vehicle. The wash gantry travels over the top of the vehicle to clean the hood of the car. Both of these features guarantee the customer consistent cleaning each time.

The independent wash boom rotates toward the vehicle's front and rear and can drop to a level below the bumper. If insects are bugging you, the boom will make multiple passes over the front of the vehicle.

In order to keep the customer in the bay and the next customer in line informed, Jim Coleman Company has created a Sign Package. The Sign Package includes an aluminum entry arch with a “Maximum Height” sign on top, a custom menu sign on the drivers side and a car washing message on the right. The package also is equipped with “Please Wait - Enter Now” sign at the entrance and a 10-position illuminated instructional sign inside the bay. Keeping the customer in the bay and the next customer in line well informed.

Another impressive feature that can be performed by the Water Wizard is the automatic height adjustment. The unit detects the height of the vehicle and adjusts to it, providing maximum cleaning on the hoods, trunks, and windshields of lower height cars.


  • TripleShine Foaming Conditioner System by Turtle Wax
  • Onboard Foaming Tire Cleaner
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • Two Step Presoak System
  • High Pressure Soap Delivery System
  • All Stainless Steel Frame and Gantry
  • Automatically Sizes Vehicle Length, Front and Rear
  • Independent Presoak System
  • Wax Delivery System High or Medium Pressure
  • Scrubbing Action Oscillating 5 Degree Nozzles
  • Onboard High Pressure Rocker Panel Blasters
  • High Pressure Stainless Steel Undercarriage Spray System
  • Floor Mounted 3" Aluminum Drive Rail System
  • 10 Position In-Bay Illuminated Instructional Sign
  • “Please Wait” and “Enter Now” Illuminated Bay Entrance Sign
  • Water Saver Computer Controlled Option
  • Presoak Heater System
  • Circulating Presoak System
  • Auto Paging System
  • Printer
  • Spot-Free Rinse Systems
  • Auto Cashier and POS Systems
  • Onboard Blower
  • Stainless Steel Stop Station with Photo Electric Tire In Position Optics
  • Stainless Steel Chemical and Water Holding Tanks
  • Automatic Chemical Mixing System
  • Operator Interface Panel for Complete Car Wash Control and Monitoring
  • Computerized Control of options Such as Doors, Blowers and Reclaim
  • Variable Speed Dual Drive Electric Motors and Controls
  • Manual Control Override Buttons for Individual Component Movement
  • Stainless Steel Electrical Control Panel
  • 84" Height Clearance X 106"

The high pressure stainless steel Undercarriage Spray System blasts away road grime, dirt, and mud.

The optional Polyshell®TripleShine™ System applies three bright colors of foaming conditioner and one deep, long- lasting protective shine.

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