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The First Credit Card Acceptance System for the Self-Service Car Wash

Jim Coleman Company has kept with tradition in bringing you another innovative method of increasing sales and making the most from your invested dollar. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment in today's world.

The Swipe-N-Clean™ gives your customer the opportunity to use the wash bay, vacuums, Entry Wizards and purchase a variety of vending items with one swipe of their card!

Once the card is approved at the credit card center, the customer can punch in the "user code" issued to them on the push button meters at any of these functions. Once they are finished with one service, they simply move to another and re-enter the code for another type of service. When finished completely, they return to the card center for a detailed receipt.
This is only the beginning. Read the following pages to learn about other income producing Swipe-N-Clean™ features such as Fleet Accounts, Frequent Car Wash Club and Mail-A-Card.

  • Vibrant Sound with Verbal Instructions
  • 110 VAC Powered
  • Printed Receipt
  • Digital Keypad for Inputting User Code
  • Option to change music
  • Fleet Management
  • Protected Card Reader
  • Colorful Decal for User Awareness
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • Easy to Remember User Code
  • Data Reports

The Swipe-N-Clean® at this locations is located near the vending products and bill changers for easy “one-stop” shopping.

Awnings and signage that advertise the Swipe-N-Clean® help promote it.

With just a swipe of a credit card, customers can use the car wash by inputting a user code.

Customers can easily input their user code to use any bay service.

Customers can also use vacuum, shampooer and fragrance machine with their user code.

For a printed receipt, the customer enters his or her user code.

The Swipe-N-Clean® can also be used on Vending Islands with the same easy-to-use features.

For more information call (504) 466-0800 or Toll-Free (800) 878-4913
Proudly serving the Louisiana and Mississippi Area

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