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Automatic Entrance Controller

At the demand of our customers, Jim Coleman Company, has entered into the entrance controller business with the introduction of the ENTRY WIZARD.

Today's investor demands perfection in every facet of their business. The Entry Wizard addresses some of this demand by offering innovative marketing techniques as well as critical mission reliability.

The Entry Wizard is quickly becoming the preferred method of entrance control to the investor market. Utilizing a state of the art touch screen and talking display, the customer has a pleasant experience of selecting and paying for services. By offering the customer with the option to pay with coins, code, currency and credit cards, the investor has faster return on their investment.

Entry Wizard Benefits

  • The Entry Wizard Entrance Controller is another salesperson at your wash. A talking display that promotes your wash 24 hours a day.
  • On screen promotions are sure to increase sales! Multi-media features talk to your customer and let them see what you have to offer.
  • Fleet accounts create an easy way to promote your wash to organizations with multiple vehicles.
  • Pre-pay is a great tool to sell washes in advance. Customers use this feature for gifts, their kids, employees or just to make it convenient for themselves.
  • Both Fleet accounts and pre-pay washes expedite the payment process. This will increase the number of cars per hour and improve your wash income.
  • Increases business by accepting credit cards, currency, coins, and code entry.
  • Entertain's customers while they are waiting to wash.
  Features of the Entry Wizard
  • Increases business by accepting credit cards, coins, bills, tokens
    (script or metal) or user codes.
  • AEC is compatible with all major automatic car washes.
  • Quickly change pricing for wash, rinse or wash descriptions from the front panel or remote office
  • Upgrade old controllers with state-of-the art AEC.
  • Bright, large display and easy to use touch

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